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3rd Global Fashion And Design Week Closed With Star Appearance

3rd Global Fashion And Design Week Closed With Star Appearance

Noida: The ninth session of 3rd Global Fashion And Design Week Noida 2019 was inaugurated by the young star of Indian silver Screen Mohit Marwah along with his charming wife Antara Marwah, a well known international stylist took the whole lime light for all those minutes at the grounds of AAFT supported by International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry.

“The fashion industry changes from season to season, so it’s important for designers to keep abreast of the trends. This can be done by regularly reading industry journals and magazines,” suggested Antara Marwah to young designers.

“I think there is beauty in everything. What normal people perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it. Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well,” said Mohit Marwah motivating the audience.

Mohit Marwah honored Anu Sinha for presenting a vibrant dance recital, Harshit Malhotra & Deepansh Malhotra of ENT Network for digital publicity, Ashar Uraini, Sangeeta Ilmi of Tia Herbs, Varnieka S Chauhan Tarot Card Reader for their participation and Saurab Agarwal and team for Makeup during fashion week.

A fashion parade designed and presented by the Embassy of Vietnam was applauded. Fifteen diplomats and their wives brought the beautiful collection of Vietnam designs and preferred colors on ramp. The international audience gave a huge response to this special show.” We are much obliged to Dr. Sandeep Marwah for giving us an international platform to showcase our range. This gesture has enhanced our relations to better platform. Indo Vietnam Film And Cultural Forum is doing great,” said H.E. Pham Sanh Chau Ambassador of Vietnam to India.

A fashion show comprising of large carefully designed clothes by the young designers was presented. Shikha Chauhan & Md Shahid designed the clothes influenced by Poland, Abhishekant Atri & Shweta brought Bulgaria on the ramp, Bhawna Agarwal & Tanya Goyal projected garments from Slovak, Sakshi Mittal & Yash Garg showcased Romanian range, Avid Ansari & Rimmy Verma highlighted India, Abhimanyu Kumar was impressed by Senegal, Palak Singh brought the range from Israel, Raunak Sharma from Gambia and Jagriti Kashyap used the ideas from Sudan.

“3rd Global Fashion And Design Week comes to an end. We have achieved what we wanted to. 208 Designers, 63 rounds in 9 fashion shows, 750 dresses, 12 seminars, 12 workshops, 8 exhibitions, 8 book releases, 85 Models, 50 Countries participation, 34 diplomats and 24000 footfall has made GFDWN as one of the biggest fashion weeks of the World,” informed and thanked Sandeep Marwah the whole team of Ritu Lal & AAFT School of Fashion And Design, ICMEI, AAFT University, ASMS, International Forums and each and every participant.

Two scholarships announced by the World-renowned designer Stefano Ricci were handed over to two young designers Chitwan Kalsi & Akankshya Priyarshni Satapathy of AAFT School of Fashion and design to visit and be assistance to him for three months at Milan, Italy.